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    The Cultural Association “Rozajanski Dum” was established in 1983 on the initiative of several local cultural bodies with the purpose of promoting and enhancing the culture and traditions of the Resia Valley. The activity of the Association is mostly focused on the linguistic aspect, and for this reason, from the very beginning it has cooperated with professors and universities. Over the years, the Association has organized a variety of activities such as: carrying out educational and practical lessons on the Resian culture in local primary and intermediate schools, cooperating in setting up Resian language (a Slovenian dialect) courses focused on spelling and grammar, dealing with the release of publications and periodicals, hosting exhibitions and cultural initiatives across and outside the Resia Valley, promoting cultural exchanges within the Slovenian community of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and with other linguistic minorities within and outside the region.

    Associazione Culturale Museo Della Gente Della Val Resia

    Via Udine, 12 - 33010 Resia/Rezija (UD)
    tel./fax. +39 0433 53428
    P.IVA: 02602880300 - C.F.: 93009830303