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To this day the Resia Valley preserved an interesting oral tradition, which consists of fables, tales, legends, folk songs and other documents.
There are fables of kings, princes and princesses and stories about the Dujak, the wild being, Dujačesa, his wife, and Dujačesica, their daughter. They inhabit our forests and express themselves in their own language, unknown to us. Among the protagonists of fairy tales there are also wild beings like the Gardinica, whose name derives from the adjective “gard” (ugly).
Other legendary beings are Dardej and Lol kutlećDardej is still mentioned for helping the villagers of Stolvizza not to lose the pastures of Sart, whereas Lol Kutleć is remembered for his strength.
In Stolvizza we know the story of Kodkodeka, who burned his own house and the entire village. Another typical story of Stolvizza is the one about the prince of the castle.
The main protagonists of fairy tales are the fox / lisica and the wolf / uk. But there are other stories starring other animals, such as the hare / zec, the rooster / pitilen, the dog / pas, the cat / tuca, the bear / midved and many others.
Among popular songs we should mention Sveti Sinti Lawdić and Linčica Turkinčica. The first tells the story of King David, who went on finding his father, mother and brothers in hell and of their salvation thanks to his intervention. The second is starring kralj Matjažungarski kraj or Mattia, the King of Hungary, who escaped from a Turkish prison with the help of Linčica Turkinčica, daughter of the Turkish sultan, who followed him in his kingdom, and there married his third son.
Noteworthy is the presence in the valley of songs starring Lepa Vida, also known as Lipa Lina or Lipa Wida, who similarly to kralj Matjaž is a central character of the Slovenian literature.
Even today are well known in the valley the narrative songs with religious themes such Tičica Arličica and Sveti sint’Antunišeć.
Other stories tell of the occult, the afterlife, the lives of the saints and the stories of Jesus and St. Peter.
Among the oral testimonies we should mention nursery rhymes, riddles, sayings and stories about real life.

Zverinice iz Rezije. The fox and the wolf by Ančka Gošnik Godec

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