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NÄŠ GLAS – News.

19th April.

4.04.2021. Vilika nuć – Eastern. Happy Easter.

2.04.2021. Din lïbrinuw za otroke. International children’s book day. In memory of Han Christian Andersen (2 april 1805 – 4 august 1875).

30.03.2021 – Stokholm. Today the ALMA prize is awarded. The museum of the people of Val Resia is among the candidates. The winner is the french writer Jean Claude Mourlevat.

11.10.2019 – Solbica. Okrogla miza. Tavola rotonda.

02.04.2019 – Rezija. International Children’s Book Day.

In the museum is possible to visit the fairy-tales exhibition and part of this exibition are also books for children.

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